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Green Kingfisher



Great Jacamar



Spectacled Owl

Welcome & Greetings!

Thanks for visiting my website. Whether you are new to my Programs, Tours & Workshops, or have already participated in one of these activities, here are some great reasons why you should consider joining me:

Excellent For Novice & Intermediate Birders. My tours and workshops are geared toward novice and intermediate bird watchers, with a complementary interest in general natural history. I will work hard to find birds, and help you to see them, identify them, and learn about them.

Quality Views and/or Sounds. The tour or workshop focus is always to get the best views/sounds of birds and wildlife whenever possible, and memorable experiences. I always bring a spotting scope, which provides high-quality views.

Small Groups. Tours and workshops are generally limited to no more than ten participants. This means more attention to your individual needs and interests, and less of a chance that you will miss out.

Local Knowledge. I have traveled and birded in all of the tour and workshop locations. On overseas tours, I always team up with local guide services.

Hassle-Free Bookings & No Driving. For domestic tours, I handle all lodging arrangements and other logistical details, and Iíll do the driving. All you have to do is get to the tour or workshop starting point. This allows you to relax and enjoy the experience. For overseas tours, I partner with local birding experts and tour operators

Companionship. You get to enjoy the companionship of fellow nature and bird watching enthusiasts, whose enthusiasm and observation skills always enhance the tours or workshops for everyone.

If you see a trip or workshop that looks like one you would like to join me on, I encourage you to reserve a space soon, while you are thinking about it, and before the opportunity slips away.  

And don't forget to contact me to arrange your custom tour or teach a workshop for you or your organization.


Mark Suomala

Tour Guide & Naturalist
P.O. Box 625
Epsom, NH 03234
Office phone: (603) 798-3441

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